Safeguard Your Garage Flooring

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Your garage floor is strong. It's designed to put up with the heavy weight of your vehicles, lawn equipment and all that foot traffic. However, it can only take so much. You want to help your garage floor not only last for years to come, but also look great, right? We thought so.

Investing in a triple-layer protective shield from Summit Epoxy Floors adds three protective layers to your garage floor to eliminate visible cracks and other damage. Since we're a local business based here in Meridian, ID, we provide you with personalized service and keep you up to date during every stage of your project. With dozens of pre-formulated color blends and complete custom colors available, your imagination is the only limit to the unique look and feel of your new floor.

How does the process work?

How does the process work?

When you are ready, reach out and we will set up a no pressure in-home consultation where we can take the time to answer your questions, discuss garage floor coating options and give you the down-to-a-penny quote.

If you like what you see, you pick the colors and we schedule your installation.

On Day 1 of your install, we will prep the garage floor, install the base layer and the colors of your choosing.

On Day 2, we will prep the color layer and install the protective top coating.

The next day you can walk on it.

The next day you can drive on it.

Use the button below to request a contact from us to discuss your garage flooring or call 208-789-1771 now to talk to one of our experts.

Need Storage?

Need Storage?

Our Stuff Storage Trailer is available to help store the items in your garage, making our garage flooring installations even more convenient. We will deliver and pick up the trailer so your floor is clear and ready for epoxy installation.

Don't let a cluttered garage get in the way of more durable flooring. Summit Epoxy Floors has you covered!